Lady Gaga Gets Egged For Performing In A Wheelchair!



This has been kind of a rough time for Lady Gaga.

At her latest concert in Sydney, Australia, she came out in a wheelchair to sing “You and I”. This led to complete outrage at the show, including people throwing eggs!!!

Yes, people actually threw EGGS at Lady Gaga!

First, she goes in debt, gets sued, and is rumored to have an eating disorder.

Now, she gets egged.

The reason was because people thought that her being in a wheelchair was insulting to people who actually have to be in one, and she was using it as a shock factor, and to make entertainment.

The strange thing is Gaga used a wheelchair for her music video “Paparazzi,” and no one seemed to mind that much.

An official from the Life Rolls On foundation said that there are people who have paralysis, and she should think about that issue because those people don’t sit in a wheelchair for a shock.

Well, maybe a wheelchair wasn’t totally appropriate, but neither is throwing eggs at someone who’s performing for you!!!

That just ain’t cool!

You think Gaga meant to be insulting by wheeling herself on stage? Or do you think she had meant for it to be a harmless piece of entertainment? -StarzUncut

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    maybe lady gaga was trying to make wheelchairs kool..for her fans who are disabled. i think snoop dogg and The King of Pop performed in wheelchairs before.damn…