Idina Menzel Coming Back To Glee


Well here’s some good “Glee” news:

Idina Menzel who played Rachel’s mom will be back for more episodes of “Glee” for Season 3!

And sources say that she’ll be around for at least 10 episodes! Her character will be working at McKinley High School now!

Rachel might find that embarrassing, but we find that totally awesome! Idina is amazingly talented, and she can make the show look absolutely wonderful!

It was a sweet moment when she and Rachel sang “Poker Face” together. We’re hoping to hear some more of Idina’s bold voice.

You may remember Idina from “Rent.” You may also remember her if you saw “Wicked” on Broadway.

So yeah, a Broadway actress is definitely a must for a musical television show.

And we’re glad that we get to see plenty more of it! Yay for Glee! -StarzUncut

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