Chilling With Lady Gaga At The House Of Blues


Celeb: Lady Gaga
Where: House Of Blues
When: 2011


Huge fan of the site!! So, this pic I sent in truly captures the beautiful moment Lady Gaga and I shared together @ The House Of Blues in Hollywood! OMG, we were chatting for a little and she was so cool and down to earth, she definitely didn’t let any of this fame go to her head. I am by far her biggest fan and of couse part of her little monster’s following.

Forever Gaga will be my favorite singer of all time… Go GAGA!!!!

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  • Mudkip

    is that a she male?

  • #1Ladygaga Fan!!!!

    ShezAtotalfemale!!!!, And She Will Be My Most favorite SInger In The Whole Wideworld Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!