Charlie Sheen “Winning” Back On Television!


Charlie Sheen “winning” is heading back to the small screen!

His new sitcom “Anger Management” will be on television next summer.

The show is supposed to be sort of based on the “Anger Management” movie with Adam Sandler. I’m not sure how it’s going to go down exactly, but it’ll premiere on F/X, and has at least ten episodes set up. If the show continues to do well, it’ll score up to 90 episodes!

I must say that’s quite a break for Mr. Sheen. He could probably use a boost, but at the same time, he might want to take a break. It doesn’t really seem like the world is ready for him to come back yet.

But things may change by next summer. And for all we know, the show may or may not last.

What do you think? Will F/X turn this show into a successful smash like other F/X shows, including “Nip/Tuck?” Or will it just smash completely like “Dirt?”

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