Is Justin Bieber A Father?



Could this possibly be true, Justine Bieber a father to a 3 month old baby boy?!?! A 20 year old named Mariah Yeater is coming forward with these accusations and demanding Bieber take a paternity test.

Of course the teen heartthrob is denying these accusations and will be forced to appear in court later this year.

We can’t wait to hear how this turns out!

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  • anonima

    I died :( no puede ser

  • Jumpthenfall

    ive seen pictures of Mariah Yeater and she the ugliest mother effer ive ever seen. JBiebs would NEVER f*ck that..

    so obviously i dont believe justin is the dad. this hoe is only in it for the money and 15 minutees of fame.

  • laurenistruth



    eww. this is the sadest thing ive evr seenn. she is ugllyyy as helll nd she a hoee. & if thatt is jb’s baby he must of beenn H I G H , D R U N K ,or R A P E D … i feel bad for jb gotta deal wif thee bullsh*t.

  • Tiffanylmoss

    am I the only one that noticed that that is a baby girl… hello… a baby boy wouldnt be dressed in pink…. that could be like his neice or something and not to mention… dont know if you have ever heard of her but Dani Shay is a girl that looks like she could be justin beibers identical twin sister…

  • Kimberlyvazquez47

    i believe his the father just look at him n bby or go to jb pics wen he was little

  • Gary

    justin bieber is father!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  video show where she is?

  • Mizzqmulla

    ya shud be quiet cus he is da baby daddy so ya feel stupid

    • Sammy

      Am I the only one that noticed that he is not in any pics with that chick

  • miranda

    Thats a pic of him changing is lil sister