Pictures Of Mariah Yeater (Justin Bieber’s Alleged Baby Mama)


Hey StarzUncut,

Here’s pictures of the crazy girl Mariah Yeater that is telling everyone that Justin Bieber is the father of her child.

IF Justin did hook up with her I wonder what the heck he was thinking. I mean she is definitely no Selena Gomez… she has piercings, tattoos, and is kind of a firecracker!

I can’t imagine what Justin would possibly see in her. Let’s hope these allegations aren’t true!

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  • Guest

    What a whore!

  • 1232

    I’d put a biscuit in her oven.


      yeah thn u’d get A I D S : )

  • Guest

    how is it anymore her fault than bieber’s? you dumb cunt.
    bieber was a horny teen, just too stupid to use protection. all you retarded beliebers, go fuck yourselves. he’s taken, he found himself a new whore

    • Mayra

      Lol, I can’t believe you actually believe on her allegations! she just wants the popularity. Plus I am a Belieber and I am so not retarded :D

    • Freedomeagleone


    • phil

      well if she truely did have sex with him backstage then she should be brought up on charges of statutory rape since at the time he was only 16 and she was obviously over 18.  Sex with minors is illegal pretty much anywhere in this country so if it is his kid then she will be going to jail.  I wonder if she ever thought of that when she decided to come forward with this bombshell.

      • Guest

        there was allegations in maryland the other day and the legal limit there is 16. as for this for past threats on girls and fag boy why would someone be dumb enough to start something thats a lie to get harassed by all you psycho ass little girls and little gay boys. GET A LIFE ALREADY. Dream about a job instead of some little dude that dresses like a fag. Also for you parents that have to hide your 6 yr old daughters from the magazines bc they will be heart broken, go to parenting courses your child is going to grow up messed up like everyone else in this world…… im running for president and banning social networking and all stupid pointless articles shows and everything else about celebs… guess what they are people too… silly f*cking people

        • guest

          What I dont understand is why you are even wasting your time on this site then, seems pretty hypocrytical if you ask me…LOSER!!


      its both ther faults’
      its his fault forr not using protectionn, nd hers cuzz if shee new he wasnt using P R O T E C T I O N   shee couldnt of fu*ckinn leavee nd not had sex wit him, B U T  she didnt she had sex wif him nd she neww the consaquinces. . . but we dnt evn noee if the hole sex nd his baby thing is R E A L L Y    T R U E ? ! 

  • guest


    • Waltjazz

      so is he

  • duh hell?


  • James

    Eww, why on earth would justin bieber pork this pig? when he has that piece of ass selena gomez?

    • Nicole Amansec

      Uh hello? Justin and selena already broke up!!! They only communicate through twitter.

  • Juice_lucie

    Yet again another girl gets slated for falling for a super star! So beiber is so innocent? Then why is that baby the double of him??? DNA test will prove its his. I wonder how many of you lot will take back what you’ve said about her. Ironically I wonder how many of you people calling her a slut have higher moral standard and would turn beiber down if he gave u the chance.

    • =]

      Uhhhh I definitely have higher moral standards than a girl who has sex with a guy regardless of how famous he is that she barely knows and takes pictures like that of herself and so on. Plus I can’t stand JB even if I had a chance (which I don’t) I wouldn’t anyway. You mean let some guy I don’t know put his cock unprotected inside me uhhh no. Futhermore I hope to God that this is his child although I think this chick is a nasty whore at least she’ll be able to take as much as she can for the next 18 years. Honestly this bitch is set for life and he deserves it cause he’s an arrogrant asshole  

      • phil

        actually if it is his kid then she should be going to jail for statutory rape since he was only 16 at the time and she was obviously over 18.

        • Courtney

          boohoo statutory rape is ridiculous when he was obviously not RAPED, people should concentrate on the people who are actually raped not someone who willingly chose to have sex he was 16 not 12

  • guest

    he was defiently not attracted to her she mad ugly he has better taste then that he goes out with selena gomez thhis girl needs to really stop it she is mad stupid y wud ever lose their virginty to her not bieber.  

  • guest

    this is def publicty for his christmas album coming out!!!

    • guest

      ok i totally agree. the same thing happened when twilight had its 3rd movie come out and some lady accused stephenie meyer of stealing her idea about a vampire falling in love with a human. its just because he has so much cash flow and she wants a piece. also this is just sad that you would sink that low and ruin so many young girls who idolize him. 

  • Rose_cervantes

    Hahaha wow still in shock!!!

  • BieberGAY

    Bieber is GAY and never can leave pregnant a woman!!!!

  • GG

    She looks like the biggest trailer trash ever. Like, is she posing in a public bathroom in the second photo? And where is she in the first pic, working at the carnival?

  • guest

    WHORE, SLUT, LIAR, ATTENTION WHORE. stfu and do something with your life you dumbass!

    • Bmjohnson

      she does have something to do with her life. unfortunately for that poor child its being a mother and unfortunately for justin, his girlfriend, and his fans its not enough to keep her too busy to pull stupid stunts like this.

  • Boaware9999

    I feel bad for this girl who obviously has the same name as the girl who claims Justin is the dad…now she’s gonna get bashed for her name. This is NOT the same Mariah.

    • Beebsngomez52

      she has the same name, she’s the same age, is from the same place, and has the same nose piercing as the girl on starmagazine. hmm coincidence???

  • Jademc

    The author of this article is a complete idiot. Those pics are of a different girl with the same name. Besides, it’s funny all this comes out right when Justin drops his Christmas album. Just another publicity stunt–nothing to see—yet in the meantime this shitty site smears an innocent girl’s image.

  • Jourdainblanco1

    he must’ve been drunk of high of possibly stupid.

  • Bev_good2002

    Ok I’m borderline on this her story sounds like what a hormone boy would say but the photos really your child and family are some day going to see them have some respect for yourself .

  • Danielle Young

    she’s not a whore, i know damn well if justin bieber asked any other crazily retarded fan if she wanted to fuck him anyone of them would jump on it…not to mention i really don’t think she would lie about this if it could potentially put her in jail. him only being 16 when it happened her being 19…it would be extremely dumb if she was lying about the whole thing for some spotlight just to go to jail. 

  • come at me

    fuck the haters, at least she looks like she knows what she would do with a dick instead of selena…she just needs to move the hands in the last pic, i wanna see what shes working with…

  • Eliesel53

    She is disqusting and grossssssssssss looking!!!

  • FuuckinWhoree

    Id Douple Tapp Daht <3 Lucky Fuggin Bieber ._.

  • guest1

    I want to know when she turned 20 since she is alleging not only sex but also drinking with a then 16 year old.

  • @UrethraFranklyn

    No way in hell he humped this busted ass chick… If he did, it solidifies any rumor of him being gay.

    No straight male with the access to prime poonannicle Bieber has would ever even look twice at this hag.

  • PAUL


  • Rosecitymob


  • Rosecitymob

    Id hit it!! Lol?

  • Jessi.

    its kinda hard to believe i mean wouldnt someone atleast see him going somewhere with her? and her baby is what 3 months old.. wouldnt she have said something i dont know , when she found out she WAS pregnant? it just seems unlikely.

  • Dabiebs

    its not what he seen in her its what he seen ON her (.)(.)

  • Laurenzombieattack


  • BlahBlah135

    This is so fake, I can’t believe any one who actually believes her crap. Pathetic.

  • Satan

    These are the same pictures found on a San Diego escort site, posted back in January by “Laci” …

  • Itsmevinny2003

    YUCK YUCK YUCK!!! He could have any girls in one of his concerts….. he should have raised… his hand in a concert  said anyone over 18 raise thweir hands and had his pick!!!! I wouldnt have taken this nasty wombat home from a bar at 230 in my drinkin days!!!!!

  • Kimberlyvazquez47

    im not a big fan of jb his ugly straight out n shes fkn ugly ass hell but if u look at jb bby pic look at tht bitxh son n they kinda do look alike

  • Hunnerbeckett

    aha, hun. your like summer no class.
    aha i dont belive bieber would do a thing with you!

  • Gary

    mariah yeater know what is rape case in 30 secound in sex case she accept beign rape her baby wants last name of bieber not about her money and rape that is about last name bieber and make her new star. she is not job beign star as life money justin bieber will sue her cant make money small or bigger he will take her money and went the bankpurty many years to life only california law is 18 who sex same 18 years old to 18 years old if under ages young until permit from parents allow them justin mother saw selena with justin she permit him to her.

  • B!tch3s ain’t shit

    Pfftttt. Can you say TRAILER TRASH? Of course she’s accusing beiber of being her baby daddy, she dropped out of highschool… Has no common sense, doesn’t think things through, craves attention, and money. When in reality she doesn’t know who the dad really is. Justin’s the THIRD person she accuses of being the father.

  • BelieberHaterzdontcomment

    If He Is The Dad Why Would She Wait Till Now To Tell Them Why Not At That Point Of Time? Im A Beilieber And I Dont Think Hez Hot I Just Think Hiz Voice Is Amazing!!! I For One Dont Think He Would Do That!!

  • Johnnie Mae Delgado

    Oh, honestly. Whether or not the kid is his, does it really matter? It’s their consequences to live with. Whether she lied, and gets sued. Or Bieber is the father, than paying some serio bank for the kid. I like a bit of gossip, but honestly, there’s some psychos out there, that’re taking this a bit far. Also, not a Bieber fan, nor a Mariah fan.


    Shes still alote hotter than Justin ever gona be! ;D

  • Rikki_doxx

    She is one sick biatch.

  • Mxxxx Fxxxx

       bad girls like that tend to do bad things. a quality in women that weak men like in order to convince themselves that they themselves are not soft. 

  • Joe

    Girls can knock up other girls!