Kobe Bryant Partying Late Last Night At A Bar In Newport (VIDEO)


USER SUBMISSION: Kobe Bryant was getting down last night over at 3 Thirty 3 Waterfront, Newport Beach. I was chilling over at the bar with a few of my friends, when the Lakers star showed up around 10pm.

He was with only two other guys, one of the guys looked like his manager or agent. Kobe was loving the attention, you can tell he is enjoying the single life. After he kicked back a few, he started talking to a group of young blondies. The way he was talking to the ladies, I don’t think he will be single for long.

I was surprised he was drinking during a game week, but I guess when you put up 40pts a game you do whatever the hell you want.

I managed to get video on my iphone of Kobe getting into his car around midnight. He clearly was trying to keep this night on the DL telling me…

“What are you doing? Na man, na man delete that sh*t.”

So, I apologized and stopped filming, when I was walking back to my car a member from his entourage followed me back to my car around a dark corner and kept saying don’t film him etc. For a sec I thought I was about to get roughed up.

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