Lebron James Cruzin In His Custom Chevy Impala


USER SUBMISSION: The champ himself Lebron James was in my hometown of Akron Ohio this 4th of July visiting some close family and friends. I usually don’t see him when he’s in town, but every one i’ll see him on the road usually driving in the opposite direction. This time was different though, I actually got to pull up next to him and say hi. He was driving his custom 1975 Chevy Impala with some guy I’ve never seen before. When I pulled up I congratulated him on his championship. He said “thanks”, smiled, and then drove off.

I had to get a couple pics to show my friends and I’m sure he didn’t mind. I think he was too busy enjoying himself to care.

Lebron had a lot of pressure this season so it must be nice to finally be able to kick back and relax, he deserves a break. If I just won my first ring I’d probably never stop celebrating!

That Impala is a classic, Lebron has great taste in cars. -StarzUncut

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