Hulk Hogan Worried About Multiple Sex Tapes Being Leaked!!!!


Hulk Hogan has given his ex-wife, Linda and children Nick and Brooke Hogan a head’s up that he is worried about another sex tape possibly in the works. A close source to the family has stated:

“Hulk is very concerned that a new sex tape could emerge. After the first video was leaked he warned Linda, Brooke and Nick that he could of been caught on camera in the past.”

How did he bring THAT up to the family? However he did it, I’m sure it made for an awkward convo.

We aren’t sure if Hulk is worried about more Heather Clem sex tapes, or if there could possibly be a whole team of Hulk Hogan groupies out there on tape with the monster. Only time will tell… -StarzUncut

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