Kyna Treacy Identified As Fan That Alex Rodriguez Was Hitting On During ALCS Game 1

Alex Rodriguez might be slumping as of lately on the baseball field, but he sure as hell isn’t striking out with the ladies.

A-Rod was scrutinized for recently flirting with an unknown woman during Game 1 of the American Championship Series in the midst of his poor playoff performance. We have received word that the unidentified woman was Kyna Treacy, who is an Australian bikini model. Kyna even went so far as to pass the third baseman her telephone number in the middle of the game!

We gotta respect A-Rod’s swag… But c’mon… you’re in the playoffs, man. This is the time you need to bring your A-game onto the baseball diamond, not into the stands. For a guy that’s got the Yankees on the hook for millions of dollars, maybe Alex needs to start swinging his bat instead of thinking with it. has obtained some exclusive photos of the Aussie model, along with some pics we found on her social media accounts.

A-Rod has been linked to hotties such as Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson in the past, how do you think this girl holds up?

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