Kobe Bryant Escorted Away From The Staples Center In Style After VIP Meet And Great


kobe-bryant-ferrari-458-italiaKobe Bryant covers all angles when it comes to a quick getaway, or at least tried to, when leaving his post game meet and greet this week. The NBA superstar was caught in the act getting into his Ferrari.  StarzUncut.com fan Jordy Villa reported the following…

So I’m outside Staples Center with my camera. I was hoping to see any Laker come out the parking lot. There were many fans outside, out of no where you see Kobe Bryant come out in a car similar to a golf cart heading east of Chuck Hearn Dr. He had 2 other guys with him as security one was driving and the other next to him. Minutes later his Ferrari comes out but he wasn’t in it, he was on the other side already on 11th St & Figueroa. So I followed his car over there and no one was there. I was the only one there no one knew where Kobe was at but me. I found out he was at the Nike Vault doing a meet & greet for Vitamin Water for V.I.P. event. He waved at me as he entered his car. This was after the Lakers first victory of the season, coming off a slow 0-3 start. He sure was happy.



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Jordy Villa
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