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Floyd Mayweather Buys A Bugatti Veyron


Floyd Mayweather’s fleet of exotic cars never stops growing. His most recent purchase was this stunning white Bugatti Veyron which retails at over $1.6 million. That may seem like a lot of money for the average person, but not for the highest paid…

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Wiz Khalifa Cheating On Amber Rose With Instagram Model Sarah Duce


Wiz Khalifa better known as “MisterCap” on Instagram is being exposed for hitting on model Sara Duce also known as “sekhel_shine” via Instagram while married to Amber Rose with a newborn baby to add fuel to the fire. Over the past few weeks,…

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Coachella 2013 Lineup is Officially Released!


The long awaited Coachella lineup was FINALLY released on the festival’s website today. After rumors of potential headliners circulating the internet for months, the festival coordinators released a pretty solid…

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Fan Gets A Tattoo Of Floyd Mayweather On His Entire Back


Talk about a dedicated fan base, today Floyd “Money” Mayweather posted this photo on his instagram account of a fan who got what looks to be a full back tattoo of none other than the young…

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Miley Cyrus And Her Sister… In Bed With Harry Styles From One Direction


StarzUncut Fan: Tonight Miley Cyrus posted these pictures on her twitter account of her and her sister in bed with a cut out of One Directions Harry Styles. Although this is just a cut out, it looks like Miley might be crushing hard, she went on…

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Pictures Of Katherine Webb, The Hottie Who Had Announcers Drooling At Today’s Alabama Game


While AJ McCarron and the Alabama Crimson Tide established their dominance on the football field tonight, McCarron, Alabama’s quarterback, took it one step further by…

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Lil Wayne Gets The Words Baked Tattooed On His Forehead


Just when you think there is no more space for Lil Wayne to get another tattoo on his body, he surprises us all and gets “Baked” in big letters across his…

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Justin Bieber Rocks His New Tattoo


First off to all you haters, if you don’t like Justin Bieber’s new tattoo no body cares. This tattoo is something special to Justin and means a lot, so please stop with all the hate. There is nothing you can say to make this tat disappear! It’s…

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Michael Phelps And Stacy Keibler Enjoy Playing Beer Pong In Mexico


Michael Phelps and Stacy Keibler are of to an early start this holiday season. Earlier today, Stacy tweeted this photo of her and the all-time most decorated Olympic champion Michael Phelps playing beer pong in Cabo San Lucas. Clooney is…

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Rihanna Hooks Up Barbados Hospital By Donating $1.75 million


Rihanna recently donated a whopping $1.75 million to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital located in her native Barbados, reports. The superstar donated the money in memory of her late grandmother Clara “Dolly” Braithwaite. Rihanna’s…

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