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Nude Photos, Sext Messages, And More Drama For Teen Mom Star Jenelle Evans


Yesterday we were informed about some more nude photos of Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans that hit the web. This didn’t really seem like anything new or shocking, but then after doing some research things started to get interesting. The person who…

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Jenelle Evans Nude Pic On Twitter With Kieffer Delp


Jenelle Evans is managing to stay in the spotlight once again without having to use any talent. She must have learned from Kim K on how to do this. In this pic below she is posing with a guy named Kieffer Delp who supposedly…

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Jenelle Evans After Boob Job Topless Pic

“Teen Mom”, Jenelle Evans just released a topless post breast surgery picture of herself. You can definitely tell the difference from the before and after photos. Jenelle must have just had the surgery because she still has the bandages on her…

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“Teen Mom” Jenelle Evans Went Under The Knife For A Boob Job Then Posed Naked!

Fans Submission: Kids these days! Have you seen Jenelle Evans’ naked picture? This teen mom went to a surgery recently to get larger boobies! After that, she posed for a shot showcasing her bigger and improved…

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