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All You Need To Know About Shawn Mendes

How can we forget to pen down a few lines on Shawn Mendes? He is a burning example of talent and popularity. If you are looking for Shawn Mendes’ net worth, then this article is completely meant for you.

If you are overwhelmed by the fact how social media influences people then you are not alone. How does it feel when you witness how social media motivates teenagers to connect with billions of people and showcase their talent?

Well if you have talent and patience both, then popularity is just a matter of time. Your search completely ends here because you are on the right page. If popularity, talent has a young face then it must look like Shawn Mendes.

how tall is shawn mendes
shawn mendes net worth

It’s almost going to be a decade since people started noticing Shawn Mendes, right? He has already achieved great height at a young age. Now let’s get straight to the point and unfold each chapter of his life.

This article is all about how he started his journey, what motivated him, his family, and how well his love life is going on.

Shawn Mendes’ Biography

You have traveled all the way to know how old Shawn Mendes is, haven’t you? Well, this section will clear all your doubts.

He took birth on 8th August 1998. Now you must be thinking where does Shawn Mendes live? He was born in Pickering, Ontario, Canada. As of now, Shawn Mendes is 23 years old. Shawn Mendes is currently in a relationship with Camila Cabello. Oh girls, don’t be disheartened. Surprisingly he is not married yet.

After he completed his schooling, he went for his graduation. He completed his graduation from Pine Ridge Secondary School in June 2016.

Although he was not sure what he wanted to become in his life in the first place. During his school life, he was quite active in sports. He used to take part in ice hockey and soccer. Not only that but he had also participated in the glee club.

One thing was there in him from the beginning, he was mad about the guitar. His passion did not consider any boundaries. He started to learn guitar from YouTube tutorial videos. Though it took years for him to learn, he never stopped.

He started to share his piece of learning on platforms like YouTube and Vine. His one fine cover caught the attention and the rest was history.

If you go gaga over his physique then you have the full liberty to find out how tall Shawn Mendes is. Shawn Mendes’ height is 189 cm (6 feet 2 inches). He has a good physique and a warm personality.

shawn mendes parents
shawn mendes parents and siblings

Here is a quick biography of him, let’s talk a quick look at it:

Full nameShawn Peter Raul Mendes
Shawn Mendes birthdayAugust 8, 1998
Age and Gender23 years, Male
InstrumentsGuitar, Vocal, Piano
Years Active2013- Present
GenresPop, Pop Rock, Folk-Pop
Marital StatusUnmarried
ProfessionSinger, Songwriter, Music Artist, Record Producer
Educational Qualifications (Graduation)Pine Ridge Secondary School in June 2016
Shawn Mendes Net Worth$40 Million (According to Forbes)

Shawn Mendes: Parents And Siblings

Some of you must have queries related to Shawn Mendes’ parents, and sister too. Well, let’s see what’s waiting for you!

His father, Manuel Mendes is a businessman in Toronto and he is from Portugal. His mother, Karen Mendes is from England. Shawn Mendes’ sister, Aaliyah was raised in a religious family.

Shawn Mendes’ Love Life

Well, it’s quite obvious if you are curious about Shawn Mendes’ girlfriend and his love life. Shawn Mendes’ love interest is Camila Cabello. He is in an open relationship with Camila Cabello.

shawn mendes girlfriend
shawn mendes girlfriend

They have been spotted together many times. He prefers to keep his relationship and personal life private when it comes to the media.

He started to date Camila in July 2019. Since then their journey has begun. They have not made any future commitment though. They have confessed in several interviews that they enjoy each other’s company and like to spend time with each other. Previously he had dated Hailey Rhode Baldwin and later on they broke up.

Shawn Mendes’ Career

He began to shape his idea slowly and started to dream bigger. Going back to 2012, he used to train himself guitar from the YouTube tutorial. His journey was not a bed full of roses. He had to walk through thick and thin too.

He used to sing and record him playing guitar and post on his YouTube channel. That’s how his journey started.

Though it didn’t take much time for him to grab attention. Just after a year or so, he started to gain attention and it happened in 2013. His cover song on ‘As long as you love me’ went viral. The song was originally sung by Justin Bieber.

It all happened on a social media site called Vine. In the following months, he started to gain followers, fame, and appreciation.

By 2014 he became one of the top three Vine artists. 2014 was the year when he officially signed with Island Records and he won a title in a contest too. Prior to his official announcement, he visited the US with other popular Vine stars to attend a reputed concert.

You must be wondering when Shawn Mendes started singing for his album. Well when he started to work on one album after another, there was no way of looking back. In 2014, his self-titled debut EP was released.

shawn mendes music
shawn mendes upcoming songs

His first-ever famous debut studio album was ‘Handwritten’ which was released in April 2015. The album was a hit. It was selling more than one lakh copies in the very first week after release.

The next hit was the third single from his album ‘Stitches’. His dedication and hard work made him stand under ‘The 25 most influential teens of 2014’ and ‘The 30 most influential teens of 2015’.

The next success was his second studio album ‘Illuminate’ which was released in September 2016. The singles ‘Mercy’ and ‘Treat you better’ from the album ‘Illuminate’ touched billions of hearts.

He was the first-ever under 20 music artist to make a footprint on the Billboard Adult Pop Songs Chart. In 2018, his single ‘In my blood’ from his third studio album was a hit.

Then he started to collaborate with other singers too. His first ever remarkable collaboration was with Cuban American singer Camila Cabello on the song ‘Senorita’.

Now lets a look at Shawn Mendes albums:

The Shawn Mendes EP2014
Live at Madison Square Garden (Live Album)2016
MTV Unplugged (Live Album)2017
Shawn Mendes2028
camila cameo boyfriend
when did shawn mendes start singing
Singles from Shawn Mendes music
In my blood (March 2018)
Lost in Japan (March 2018)
Youth (May 2018)
Where were you in the morning (May 2018)
Nervous (May 2018)

As of now, there are no recent updates on Shawn Mendes’ upcoming songs. Shawn Mendes’ net worth is $40 Million.

Television And Films

Well, his popularity and charm have won billions of hearts. If you are following him for a long time then you must have spotted him in several shows too.

He has been to shows like “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and “The Late Late Show with James Corden”. He has also been a part of a documentary in 2018 directed by Casey Neistat (Youtuber).

Awards Won122

Wrapping up,

Being this successful and popular at such a young age was not easy for a 23 years old boy. His struggle and dedication have touched billions of hearts.

It is worth mentioning that it has taken years for him to build his empire. Shawn Mendes’ net worth is $40 Million that is worth appreciating, His creativity, dedication, and hard work have made this. know about other celebrities’ net worth.

Let’s wish him all the luck and love in the world for his upcoming projects.

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