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The Age Of Pressley Hosbach In 2021— Her Height, Weight, Zodiac, Love Life

Hosbach is an American dancer, social media influencer, and a TV show personality in America. She was first aired at an age of three. She is a bundle of positivity, charm, and passion for her generation. This is why you should know how old is Pressley Hosbach in 2021.

She got her stardom after taking part in a TV show, Dance Moms (2016) alongside her mother Ashley Hosbach. She was an ambassador of dance companies like Abbe and Nicole’s Broadway.

Fans flock to Pressley’s incredible stamina to perform. The way she aesthetically turns her choreography into unique proficiency. ‘If you are going to do something do it with all the heart,” is what she says in her approach to dance and life.

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Is Pressley Hosbach Dating Anyone?

Pressley is single. Her social media accounts have been clean so far. Currently, there are no leads on her having a boyfriend.

However, this was not the case a year ago. Pressley was rumored to be dating a co-star and TV dancer, Brady Farrar. How old was Pressley Hosbach when she was linked with the dancer? She allegedly said to have a crush on him.

Before leaving the show after the last Season 8, Pressley said that she was closest to Brady out of everyone on the team. She was in high school when they got linked. But, the rumors got dismissed by both the actors.

How Did Pressley Hosbach Become Famous?

Hosbach became famous in the popular TV show Dance Moms. After completing the last season, she started modeling for US-based fashion companies like MisBehave Girls and Jo Jax.

Pressley is a dancer from Nicole’s Broadway Company in East Hanover, New Jersey. She was also signed for Abbe Lee Dance Company. As a child, she modeled for brands like Pulitzer, New York Fashion Week, Nancy Vuu.

She caught fame as a backup dancer at the Justin Bieber Purpose Tour in 2016. She also volunteered in various gigs like Nickelodeon’s Nicklas and Dream Tour.

She was cast on a Brat TV show “Stage Fright” as the character Roxie. The show was aired in March 2020.

Now, she has launched her own merchandise with MerchLabs.

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How Tall Is Pressley Hosbach?

She lengths quiet her age. At the age of 14, Pressley stands a decent 152 cm tall and weighs around 88 pounds. She is an absolute fitness freak standing at a height of 4ft 9inch tall.

How Old Is Pressley Hosbach When She First Joined TikTok?

Tiktok has become the most challenging dance hub, amidst the post-pandemic which makes it a perfect platform for someone like Pressley. As a teenager, her posts are closely monitored by her mother.

How Old Is Pressley Hosbach When She First Posted On TikTok?

At the age of 9, she first posted on her TikTok account in 2016. Her TikTok account flaunts a stunning 4.3 million fans and 1.4 million likes as of August 2021. The fanbase tends to escalate as she is an instant hit on TikTok.

Pressley Hosbach Siblings

Pressley has a step-sister named Grace Eisele from her father’s side. She is also alleged to have an athlete half-brother from her mother’s side. She was born and raised in New Jersey alongside her siblings.

Pressley Hosbach Boyfriends

Pressley is blooming single as a teenager. She is still very young to have a boyfriend. But she was linked with a TV show dancer, Braddy. Nevertheless, the rumor lived short.

Pressley Hosbach Birthday

Pressley blows her candles on 10th October in the humane season of falls.

Aside from information specific to her birthday, she is the 99th most famous American and ranks 9th among the famous kids born in the US. She was born and raised by Ashley Hosbach and her fiancé Eddie Hosbach in Florham Park, New Jersey, USA.

She belongs to an upper-middle-class family and is of mixed ethnicity. Despite her class identity, Pressley has never turned her achievements into an excuse about privilege. She is still so young and works hard which is reflected in her performances.

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Pressley Hosbach Net Worth

As of 2021, Pressley has a net worth estimated to be 1.2 million. Her net worth will keep on to surge as she moves forward with her modeling gigs and TV shows.

Pressley majorly earns from the entertainment industry. Her earning sources are acting, dancing, endorsing for commercials, and from her social media handles.

How Old Is Pressley Hosbach In 2021

Pressley is about to turn 15 within the next two months. It is exactly 61 days left for her to turn sweet 15. She was born on 10th October 2006 to parents of American nationality.

Pressley Hosbach Zodiac

In accordance with Pressley’s birthday, she is Libra in her zodiac sign. This corresponds to her charming, well-balanced, and zestful personality.

Presssley Hosbach Instagram

Apart from dancing, she shares an interest in documenting her life. Her Instagram family exceeds over 2 million followers. She first posted in her IG handle on 3rd April 2013. Pressley’s Instagram reels flaunting her bootstrap sneakers are high-end authentic.

Where does Pressley Hosbach live now?

Pressley shares an apartment with her mother in Florham Park, New Jersey. She is often found to film vlogs on her closets and room. Here’s a video of her “roomtour 2021” that you will like on YouTube.

A few days back, we saw Pressley’s proud dad @emillz23 sharing heartful pictures with her mother. He mentioned his two beautiful daughters on his Instagram bio adding

Just an old dude who loves his family and kicks”.

Pressley Hosbach’s Brand New Merchandise

 how old is pressley hosbach

Do you believe How old is Pressley Hosbach launching her brand. She was 13 when she first worked on the idea of granting her customized retail. MerchLab is created recently in 2021 with the help of her fanbase.

As per her mechs, she sells t-shirt and hoodies labeled “SweetP”. The store is online at present, and there are no updates on an upcoming outlet in New Jersey.

The clothing brand has illustrations relatable to her GenZ customers. With sheer hard work, Pressley has successfully made her name become a brand in popular culture.


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